Final edit!

This is our final edit of our film after having taken on criticism from teachers and peers.


Media evaluation on audience- point 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?
TASK: Create your perfect audience member, give them a background, a picture, a ‘tribe’ HYPERLINK “http://www.uktribes.com” http://www.uktribes.com and HYPERLINK “http://www.findyourtribe.com” http://www.findyourtribe.com, what music do they listen to, what TV do they watch, what films would they go and see? (Use the post from earlier in your planning, but this time discuss how you have attracted them in your finished film). It is suggested you make a PowerPoint to do this and then upload it to Slideshare?

This is our perfect audience member. We used the website uk tribes to help identify them. I have researched them and worked out what would attract them specifically to our film.

media audience prezi



Art of the title- evaluation point 1

imageThese are my 9 chosen images that I feel really capture the theme of my movie.

The first one sets the theme aswell as introducing “ECC Productions”. It highlights the darkness of the theme.

the second image focuses on the name of our film, it is dark , still introducing the theme of the opening sequence and giving the viewer a feel for what’s to come.

The third image is black and white giving us the feeling it is a flashback. The screenshot shows a boy being killed by a girl, introducing the storyline aswell as introducing some of the characters.

the fourth image shows ‘claudia’ working in the library. This shows us the setting of the film and the age group it’s focusing on. It helps us to understand the lives of the characters and giving us an insight into their day.

The fifth image is part of the upbeat part of the film. It is light and positive. It shows the actors going into an embrace, giving us the idea they are in some sort of friendship/relationship. The setting is outside, in a quiet place, this highlights the fact that their friendship is so secretive they have to hide away in order to have fun.

The sixth one shows milo and his friends in some sort of common room/ youth hangout. They are having casual banter then he brings up the girl randomly and they have no idea who she is. This is the part where milo realises that something dodgy is going on.

The seventh image shows the texts coming in from Claudia. This is when the mood changes. this bit also shows the use of social networking and phones in the film, highlighting the modern aspect of the film.

My he eighth image shows Claudia in a completely different way, this is when we realise something bad is going to happen. The colours dull, showing the negativeness that has hit the film. This bit is in slow motion adding to the suspense.

In the ninth image Claudia is running away feeling the guilt and nervousness about what had just happened. The hazy colours show us that because she is running she isn’t seeing things properly and is out of it, powered by adrenaline.